April 22, 2017

 Shape up your sales!

Workshop / Consultation
Presented by Cheryl Rankin

Next Workshop
Sat. April 22, 2017 9 to 12pm

3 hour workshop
- Discussion includes some sales and marketing tips to shape up your sales and make your profits more fit.

 Create the optimal connection with your customer

Improve the customer's commitment to buying

Use action provoking messages

Match media options to your budget and market

1 hour consultation - Continue the discussion with all of the focus on your business.

"Thank you for the great head-start and pointing my business in the right direction."
Stanley Mitchell,
Mitch Fit and Wellness

"Learning how to make a good connection with a potential client was very useful."
Louise Todd

$250 plus HST
* bonus 1 hour consultation to the first 10 newsletter subscribers who sign up for the workshop; get 2 hours of consultations instead of 1

Register today!

To register, please call Cheryl at
647-287-0320 or email

Fit For Business

(647) 287-0320

Our Services

Fit For Business Services

Fit For Business services can be categorized into three areas:
training, marketing consultations and business consultations.

Services in these areas are designed to assist businesses in their on-going goals to improve and grow their businesses.  Fit For Business works with a business so that any skills and resources the business already has are incorporated into plans.  This strategy saves the business time and money and more importantly, all materials designed for the business actually reflect the values and goals of the business.  All new Fit For Business customers are encourage to book a complimentary introductory session to find out what services would help their business and stay within their budget.

Training -

  • Sales Training For Small Businesses
  • Sales Training For Businesses in the Fitness Industry
  • Business Breakfast Training Series
    • Business Think Tank Series
    • Customer Services Training
    • Marketing Your Workshops Training

    Marketing Consultations -

    • Marketing Action Plans
    • Design & Development of Marketing Materials
    • Development of Sales Kits
    • Proposal Writing
    • Proofreading/Editing
    • Special Events
    • Business Plan Development
    • Budget Preparation
    • Project Management 

    Sales -

    • Outgoing sales calls
    • Business cards into Excel
    • Sales training
    • Sales kit development
    • Tradeshow design, set-up and management
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